Automatic Temperature Scanner

$995 USD $1,500 USD


Contact-less Automatic Temperature Scanner

Impress your patients and get high tech in your practice with a first line of defense: automatic temperature detection to help screen patients with a fever.  Safely scans patients entering your office with a contact less visual camera and thermal scan.   Anyone with a high temperature will be notified with an audio warning of high temperature as well as red flashing lights.  

How to use:

Have the patient walk up to the screen + camera and the thermo scanner will automatically start scanning.  Patients with a high temperature around the forehead will be notified with a red alert and audio warning.


Android 7.1

8 Touch Screen Resolution 800x1024

Ram 2Gb DDR

Flash 16GB

Camera: Binocular Camera IR+ RGB

IR Camera: 1.2million pixels

NIR LED 850 nm Infrared LED light

Power 12V/2A

Shipping time is 14 days ✈️