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Loupe Shield Single Pack (1 Visor, 10 Shields)

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  • Anti-Fog shields.  No more fogging
  • Customizable design, giving you the ability to wear the shield over your loupes/headlight OR mount your headlight directly to the visor
  • Fully flippable, which means you can practice with peace of mind while getting a breath of fresh air between procedures
  • Adjustable head strap, so you can work with comfort all day long
  • Built-in light mount on the visor, giving you the freedom to mount ANY headlight adaptor to the visor
  • Fits over ALL Loupes and headlights (even your 10X prismatic and flip-ups)

What's in the box:

Your order comes with 1 Ultralight Optics Loupe Visor and 10 disposable shields. 

If you have:

Orascoptic XV1, Spark, or Flip-Up Loupes, please consider a shield visor extender with your order


Ships in 2 weeks 

*Patent Pending

Due to COVID-19 and safety concerns, this item is not returnable/not refundable/not exchangeable