🔆The Best Dental Cordless Headlight🔆


Finding the perfect dental headlight can be a daunting task. There's a lot to consider: short cord vs. long cord, brightness, battery life...and the list goes on. 

Dr. Pinky Bharsar, a cosmetic dentist in New Jersey, was in the market for a new headlight and found herself in the same position of not knowing where to shop. That's when she decided to do her research.

After looking up a handful of dental equipment websites she stumbled upon the Omega Headlight from Ultralight Optics. It checked off all the criterion needed when practicing: 

  1. Short magnetic cord – Freedom from tangles ✅ 
  2. Ergonomic battery – For superior comfort ✅
  3. Hands free technology – Gives you full control ✅
  4. Optimal brightness – 3600 foot candles (maximum safe intensity for dentistry) ✅
  5. Light weight – 2 grams (lighter than a nickle!) ✅
  6. Battery life – 6-8 hours ✅

Satisfied with her purchase, she decided to share her experience with the dental community on her instagram page. She also tagged us with her review which is available to watch in the video above. Below are some common questions about the Omega headlight that her viewers asked:

Question #1 Does the battery pack get hot on your neck?

Answer: Not so far but I haven't had very long procedures yet...I forget it is there.

Question #2 Is the battery pack heavy on your neck?

Answer: Surprisingly no! It is very light and I totally forget it is there. That was one big concern for me as well since I don't like heavy things especially on my ears or nose. 

Question #4 Can you clip the light to safety glasses?

Answer: Hi! Yes! You can clip them to safety glasses. They will provide the adapter. 

Question #5 Can we hook the on a cordless loupe?

Answer: I attach them to my design for vision loupes. They have lots of attachments and you can send a picture of your loupes to confirm. 

If you have any further questions about the Omega Headlight feel free to leave us a comment below and we'll be glad to answer. You can also follow Dr. Bharsar on her instagram channel at: pinkytalksteeth 

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