5 Misconceptions about Dentistry

Not everyone loves going to the dentist. In fact, many people are so afraid, they simply avoid going! There are so many misconceptions surrounding dentistry, which is why it’s important to properly educate your patients. Here at Ultralight Optics we believe that useful content in all forms (i.e. emails, blogs, social media etc.) is king. It’s important that your patients understand your practices and procedures in order to alleviate anxiety and to create a better dental experience. Optimal oral health begins with proper education and we believe that knowledge is power. Below we listed five common misconceptions surrounding dentistry.

Myth #1: Going to the dentist is painful

The biggest misconception is that dental work is painful. Modern dentistry is usually simple and almost painless. If you put the work in at home by brushing and flossing regularly, dental visits are less painful. Advanced imaging options and dental materials helps make dental visits more comfortable. Most dentists have many tools to help make dental procedures less stressful like local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, and sedation.

Myth #2: Flossing is not necessary

Most people will brush one to two times a day but will report they do not floss regularly. Flossing is essential for keeping in-between your teeth healthy and clean by removing food and plaque debris. In fact, by only brushing, about 40% of your teeth remain uncleaned and are more prone to teeth decay and gum disease [1]. There is much evidence about the strong link between our systemic health and oral health [2]. Flossing has a direct relationship on our gums and can influence patients with diabetes and heart disease.

Myth #3: The dentist is too expensive

When you take care of your teeth and gums, dental costs usually remain fairly low. However, if you slack on your oral hygiene regimen and don’t attend routine check-ups, dental care can become quite expensive. When your hygienist or dentist recommends something simple like improving your hygiene or treating a small cavity, it is in your best interest health-wise and to prevent the need for more expensive procedures.

Myth #4: Straightening teeth is just for kids

There is no age limit in orthodontics - in fact the American Association of Orthodontics reports that one in five orthodontic patients are adults [3]. This is because with advanced technology, orthodontics can effectively straighten teeth by using clear aligners which are nearly invisible.

Myth #5: Baby teeth are not important

Many people believe because baby teeth will fall out that they are not equally important as permanent teeth. While baby teeth eventually fall out, they are necessary for your child to properly speak and eat. Moreover, a cavity on a baby tooth that isn’t ready to fall out can cause pain and a possible infection. Additionally, baby teeth are “space holders” for adult teeth so it is essential to take care of them so the permanent ones can erupt into the correct spaces.

Properly educating your patients on their oral health is an important investment. It helps you create a long-term health plan that involves routine cleaning, x-ray wellness checks, and potential cosmetic procedures. Comment below if you liked this blog and if you’re interested in more blogs pertaining to building better customer relationships.


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By Dr. Anand, DDS | ultralightblogs@gmail.com

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