What are your Strategies for Going Back to Work?

To help our dental community, we are reaching out to our fellow dentists and asking for their creative solutions for returning to work. 

We'd like to introduce Dr. Kahng, a cosmetic dentist from Orange County, California. 

1. How are you re-connecting with your patients?

    I tried my best to keep patients in the loop throughout quarantine. I spent hours calling patients personally to touch base and let them know what’s going on and to please reach out in case of emergency. I specifically called many of my elderly patients to make sure they had everything they need. Once I figured out my re-opening strategy I sent out a very detailed mass email outlining all the changes in protocol in our office. Many of my patients stay in the loop by following me on Instagram which has been convenient. We are currently working our way through to call all patients to get them rescheduled and give them updates.

    2. Will there be any physical changes in your dental office when you reopen? 

      I have a small 750 square foot office with only 2 chairs which means that I have low traffic already. We also have medical grade HEPA filters in each operatory.

      3. What are your reception area preparation strategies?

      Patients have been instructed to wait in their cars until their appointment times. We send text messages to notify them we are ready for them. There is only one person in the waiting area at a time and hand sanitizer stations as they enter. I’ve also extended the time for my procedures to reduce any overlap in patients entering/exiting. 

      4. How are you implementing staff protection strategies?

        I am providing all additional PPE for staff. Prior to returning to the office I sent out a recorded zoom presentation to all team members letting them know of the changes in PPE. I haven’t had one person not return back to work and all have been compliant with the changes.

        5. How are you implementing patient protection strategies?

          So far patients have also been extremely compliant with the changes in protocols. My team leads them through the process of entering, taking temps, making sure the screening form was filled electronically prior to their appointment, and pre-rinsing. I have always used a rubber dam and I will continue to use either rubber dam or Isodry. We also purchased ULV foggers to fog the rooms at the end of each day and possibly during lunch.

          Thank you Dr. Kahng for your contribution! Feel free to follow her on instagram: @joycethedentist


          By Ronda L. | ronda@ultralightoptics.com

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