Omega Pro Battery

$279 USD $345 USD

“Ultralight is an indispensable and integral part of my equipment necessary for treating patients" - Howard Glazer, DDS


• New Ergonomic Battery Weight is redistributed to feel 30% lighter.  You'll forget you're even wearing it

• New Turbo Mode a new setting that's even Higher than High

• Magnetic connector attaches to the battery pack, giving you freedom from a tangled cord

• Ergonomic battery designed for superior comfort and extended use

 Hands-Free On/off Chin activated button gives you full control without using contaminated gloves

 • Ergonomic intensity button located on the front side for easy access


• Battery Life - 8 hours 

• Full battery assembly as pictured (Does not include Light.  Please order Omega Pro system for the full system complete with accessories)


• Ships within 7 business days.