Front Face Shield Replacements

$12.99 USD $20 USD
10 Shields $12.99
20 Shields $24.50
50 Shields $55.99
100 Shields $104.99


Revolutionary ultra-Low cost replaceable shields (Aa little as $1.05 vs $10 of a typical shield).  You can now dispose your shields guilt-free whenever you want.  Experience a crystal clear, scratch free shield anytime and all the time.

This item comes with replacement front shields for the Ultralight Optics Visor. If this is your first time purchasing, we recommend a Starter Pack.

Item#: 30-Shield10, 30-Shield20, 30-Shield50, 30-Shield100


Ships within 1-2 business days. In stock now.

*Patent Pending

This item is not returnable