3 Ways to Customize Your Face Shield

The Ultralight face shield is the most versatile face shield on the market today. Read below on the different ways you can customize your Ultralight face shield.

1. Extenders

Sometimes one size does not fit all. That’s why we created optional extenders so that you can customize your face shield fit. Our extenders give you up to a 4 inch clearance – accommodating larger loupes and light systems!

2. Front Shield Replacements

We currently have four types of front shield replacements with different features.

- Our Disposable Front Shield Replacements are cost effective, composed of an anti-fog coating, and conveniently designed to be disposed after each patient.

- If your looking for a longer lasting front shield replacement, we recommend purchasing our Extra Thick and Reusable Front Shield Replacements which are 4x stronger and more dent resistant than our Disposable Front Shields. You still get all the design perks of the disposable front shields but with the option to clean and reuse them after each patient.

- Need more side coverage? We created a Extra Wide Replacement Shield that give you an extra 2 inches of width.

- Need lower splash protection? Our Full Coverage Shield Replacements guards you against all types of external spray.

3. Customizable Designs

Now to the most important feature: customizable designs! We currently offer colored visors and an assortment of top shield design inserts. Our fun designs are a great way to add a little color to your PPE wardrobe and a great conversation starter for your patients.

Let us know what features you love about your face shield in the comment section below!


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