What is your Ideal Gown?

The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Gown

Finding the ideal gown can be a struggle. With all the different types of medical gowns on the market, where do you even begin? Below we compiled some tips to help guide you to your perfect gown.


The best material to look for is one that provides comfort, breathability, and requires little to no maintenance. We highly recommend a blended material because it gives you the best of both worlds. For example, a cotton and polyester blend provides breathability, durability and is less prone to wrinkling. Our best-selling washable gowns are composed of a 35% cotton/65% polyester blend and provides you with ultimate comfort and protection.


Do you prefer maintenance free gowns or washable gowns? The answer is purely subjective to you! If you don’t want to deal with more laundry, we recommend looking into disposable gowns. They are light weight, mist repellent and provide you with the ultimate convenience. If you don’t mind the extra load of laundry, then definitely look into washable gowns – which is more cost effective in the long run. 


When looking for the perfect gown it is important to have additional features such as long-lasting durability. Your washable gown should be able to withstand lots of washes while maintaining integrity of the material and dye. Extra Storage in the form of pockets are also a convenient feature for placing essential work items such as headlight battery packs. Lastly, complete protection is imperative. The goal of any gown is to prevent any external fluid or debris from penetrating through. Our popular washable gowns have an extra layer of protection with the addition of our elastic cuffs which provide a snug fit under gloves.

We hope our guide will aid you in your future gown search! 


I like the fabric. The color is fine. I like the cuffs.
I wish I could dress myself. There are too many ties. I can’t reach most of them
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Brenda Berkal November 16, 2020

Thank you for the article. It is was very informative. I would prefer washable gowns over disposable ones but I don’t want to do laundry at home. We don’t have access of one at the office.

Jean Braza DDS November 16, 2020

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