Funny Dental Stories

Working in the dentistry field has it's fair share of funny encounters. For this blog we would like to share your colleagues humorous and strange experiences in their dental office.  

"As a dental student some years ago I was volunteering as an assistant. It was a long day and I had forgot to pack lunch. Around 2 pm I was assisting a perio resident and everything was silent. All of a sudden all you could hear was my stomach.
The patient raised his hand for us to remove the suction and said, 'Doctor, are you hungry?'
We all started laughing and the doctor backed me up by saying, 'Yes I am.' The patient came back a couple hours later with pastries for everyone! :D"
- Anna F.

 "I did an upper complete denture on a patient. She came back after wearing it for a while and said she was unhappy with the denture.  I asked if they fit and she said, 'yes.' I asked if she was happy with the shape and color of the teeth and she said, 'yes.'

She then mentioned, 'My teeth glow when I go clubbing (dancing).'

Obviously there was nothing I could do about that."

- William W. 

This adult male patient was on the chair for an emergency visit due to rampant decay:

Doctor: "How bad is your pain?"

Patient: "Pain? What pain? Don’t you know that if you cut your toes nails every Monday you will never have any dental pain?

- Anonymous

Dental assistant: "Hi, how are you today? Have a seat and go ahead and lay down please."
Patient: "I'm good and you?" (Sat and laid down)
Dental assistant: "Alright let's see what we have today. Is there any issues or discomfort for today's visit?"
Patient: "One of my back tooth fillings came off." 
Dental assistant: "Ok, can I see it?" 
Patient: "...yeah, my mouth is open."
Dental assistant: "....umm, can you take off your mask?"

- Anonymous

I had just finished a new patient exam and was escorting my patient to the front of the office. The patient was very tall and as he stood up I saw his arm rise and I thought he was giving me a high five. I immediately jumped to give him a high five when I realized that he was yawning. I was too far into the high five so I added 'Yeah! Lets kick this perio disease in the butt!' I'm a little less eager to give high five these days but my enthusiasm has not been subdued.”

- IG:@perio.princess


"Had a patient tell me she does not have cavities because she knows her body."
- Avi L. 

*Some stories have been shortened or altered for clarity and conciseness. 





An elderly patient came back to find out why she could not get her whitening trays to fit. She sat down and took out her plaster models and proceeded to put the actual whole MODEL in her mouth. She did not realize the trays were fitted on the model! Suffice it to say since then we always clarify that to our patients.
Another funny one is my cute patient who didn’t want to take her mask off, so she covered her eyes and nose with it during her cleaning appointment!

Janna Vodden November 10, 2020

for sure the high five story is the best

Ernesto Mireles November 10, 2020

Patient sits down and makes the sign of the cross. “Are you Catholic?”
Patient says “For this I am!”

Martin November 10, 2020

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